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MultiGP Regional Finals
Real World Track Series

In collaboration with the MultiGP Drone Racing League, we bring you the official track being flown in their 2016 Regional Series Final events which qualifies top pilots to their 2016 Championship. MultiGP is the premier drone racing league based in the USA with over 300 chapters hosting frequent tournaments for over 9,000 pilots in formal races, free-fly gatherings and casual events. Here's a cruise around the track.

Montreal Drone Expo ...
Real World Track Series

The Montreal Drone Expo is presented by FPV MTL & Lozeau in collaboration with IDRA, Drone Nationals and the Canadian drone academy. This is Canada's biggest drone racing event with the Canadian qualifier for the IDRA North American cup and the Canadian drone nationals for the world drone racing championships. Here's a familiarization lap around the track.

Weston Park ...
Real World Track Series

The 2016 Weston Park International Model Airshow features the Weston Park FPV Race Track. The team here assisted the design process providing visualizations and a chance for top test pilots to fly the track in our simulation. Here's a familiarization lap around the track.

UKDS Farnborough ...
Real World Track Series

Watch COLLISionFPV and Lumpyx DDC battle it out for the top position on the Week 1 UKDS Farnborough Sim Event Leaderboard. We're now into the final week with the top 5 pro pilots going forward to compete in the real event !!

Formula FPV London ...
Real World Track Series

The UK's Top FPV Pilots are putting 'FPV Event Personal Edition' through it's paces while we dial in the realism. The laps here are flown by Chi Lau around the Formula FPV London Track.

Virtual experiences ...
....preparation for real world adventures

UK Drone Show NEC...
Real World Track Series

Our simulation of the UK Drone show's raceway, NEC Dec 2015 drew large crowds. A big 'thank you' to all of you that took part and gave us great feedback

High Speed Excitement ...

Experience the thrill and develop your reactions with a high speed roam through the forest. A great way to push the envelope without the cost of repairs and downtime when a tree steps in the way.

Naturally we cordon off this section of the forest from the public to ensure safety !!

... promote & practice real world FPV racing

Track Development & Practice ...

Use your standard RC equipment and skills to practice and develop new raceways.

Great for introducing new people to the thrills of FPV racing at exhibitions and events.