... promote & practice real world FPV racing

Exhibition Systems ...

Professional virtual FPV racing is available for your local club or large arena event to help promote and practive real world FPV racing.

Your complete event system with everything from pilot FPV equipment through to multiple audience display screens with live camera feeds, event status, leaderboards etc.

An array of high spec VR Generators equipped with our 'FPV Event' software produce the most realistic virtual worlds you will find.

But don't take our word for it! .... pro-pilots at the UK Drone Show (NEC Dec 2015) gave us their approval along with great feedback that you will find looped back into our flight controllers.

... bring the thrill of professional FPV racing to your show/h1>

Track Development & Practice ...

Use your standard RC equipment and skills to develop and practice new raceways.

Great for introducing new people to the thrills of FPV racing at exhibitions and events.

Our virtual UK Drone Show raceway at the NEC Dec 2015 is shown in video opposite